September 4th, Father’s Day. It’s the one day of the year when people stock up on beer, fire up the barbecue, and pull out all the stops to celebrate the father’s (and father figures) in their life. While we firmly believe in celebrating Dads all year round, if you’re starting to plan your Father’s Day activities, here are a few ideas we bet Dad will love, and four ways to use your Burleigh Wagon to make things a bit easier.

1. Head Out On A Fishing Trip
Fishing is a great way to get your kids outside and get some fresh air, and when it comes to Father’s Day activities, there’s nothing more classic. Simply head to your local lake, river or beach! You’ll typically have the most success fishing in the morning or in the evening, so we recommend planning to take morning or afternoon tea so that Dad can enjoy some snacks while casting a line.

The Burleigh Wagon has two separate compartments so you can pack snacks on one side and fill the other with ice to keep beer cool. You could use it to store bait, or it can double as a bench seat. We recommend popping your side storage racks on to easily transport your fishing gear to and from home, and if you find yourself with a big catch, you can throw them in the esky to keep them cool!

2. Spend The Day Surfing & At The Beach
If dad is the surfing type, spending Father’s Day down by the beach is a fun way to spend the day. Even if it’s too cold to swim, you can still enjoy a day in the sun with the sand between your toes! There are plenty of ways you can enjoy Father’s Day by the beach. Pack your picnic table and beach umbrella and set up an afternoon tea by the water, grab sand toys for the kids and build an epic sandcastle, or pack your footy gear and set up for a classic game of beach footy with some friends! If you’re brave enough to go for a swim or surf?

The Burleigh Wagon’s side storage rack is perfect for carrying surfboards and boogie boards, and you can store all of the wetsuits, towels and gear inside the wagon when you’re done!

3. Organise a local outdoor BBQ
Let’s be honest – sometimes there’s nothing Dad’s love more than a good old fashioned outdoor BBQ and a game of footy. We’re lucky Australia is dotted with parks and beaches, so why not keep things close to home and organise a local BBQ! We know hauling all your BBQ supplies to and from the park can be stressful, so we have a few ideas to make it easier – fill the Burleigh Wagon under-seat storage with ice (or our custom ice bricks) and store your food in there, stack your chairs in the storage racks for easy transport and throw plates, cups and any kids toys on top. Once you’re all set up, the wagon also makes for a perfect seat or play table, so if it suits your family, you can even leave the picnic chairs behind altogether!

4. Go On A Weekend Camping Trip
Get back to the basics and enjoy a weekend camping trip with Dad. Pack the car and head to a local campsite for a short weekend away!

We know a camping trip with little kids can be a daunting idea. The idea of packing up the nappies and bottles, toys and sleeping gear can be overwhelming, but you can still have a great time without all of the stress that camping with small children sometimes brings.

There are a few things we recommend to make packing easier:

    1. Store the kids toys in the storage within the wagon
    2. Place your overnight bags on top of the wagon in the boot
    3. Leave the camp chairs at home and use the Burleigh Wagon as bench seating
    4. Use the USB Bluetooth speaker to charge your devices
    5. Pack your food in our Coastal Cooler Tote or Cooler Bag to keep everything icy cold

Recently, Burleigh Wagon mum Hollie wrote all about her experience camping and how to make the most of the Burleigh Wagon. You can read her story HERE. Get in touch with us if you’ve got any more questions! And don’t forget, a Burleigh Wagon can also be the perfect gift for Dad too. It’s the perfect companion to any footy match, fishing trip, camping holiday, or trip to the beach. They’re not just for mums.