Burleigh Wagon mum Hollie had lots of good things to say after her recent caravanning trip with her wagon. So we wanted to share her recent experience using the wagon over the last school holidays with our BW community. We asked a few questions about her trip and how she made the most of the wagon while on holiday.

Tell us about your trip & how long you have had your wagon 
"We most recently took our Burleigh Wagon on a camping trip for a few days down to Northern NSW. It’s been more than a year since we invested in purchasing a Burleigh Wagon and it’s by far one of the most useful items we own. We take it everywhere—to the shops, the park, obviously the beach and weekend trips. Over the years, we’ve had plenty of families ask us our favourite ways to use our wagon, so we wanted to share a few of the things we love the most about it, plus a couple of tips and tricks for making the most of it when camping!”

Why did you purchase a Burleigh Wagon?
"We decided to purchase a Burleigh Wagon because it was an easier method of carrying everything we needed when heading out of the house for the day. Trying to wrangle two kids, a double pram, nappy bag, water bottles, snacks and more was just too stressful, so the Burleigh Wagon seemed like the smartest solution. I love that it replaced my pram full stop."

What do you think is one of the biggest misconceptions about the Burleigh Wagon?
"I think one of the biggest misconceptions about the Burleigh Wagon is that it’s solely made for the beach. We actually use it more at the park, on walks, at shopping centres, and even just around the house (my kids like to watch TV in it). One of my favourite things about the wagon is its versatility, which we found super helpful on our recent trip. We love outdoor activities like camping and fishing and the wagon is perfect because it holds a lot (up to 150 kilos ) and also our kids plus their friends can fit in it together. It was also handy while travelling to use as a bench seat or as a travel high chair, as well as a snack table when we were out and about and I didn’t want the kids to eat off the ground at the campsite"

How did you find travelling with the wagon?
"Travelling with the wagon is much easier than you think it is! While it does take up a bit of space in the boot, because the wagon has so much storage, we were able to shove the drinks and kids lunch boxes into the underseat storage and throw our bags on top, then we just stacked everything else around the wagon, tetris-style. While the car was still very full, we didn’t have to pack our pram or the kids camping chairs, which was a huge bonus! We spent a lot of our time around the campground, playing at the waterpark and walking around the local area. I loved being able to relax on the wagon when the kids were playing in the water, and not have to worry about carrying wet gear back to the cabin at the end of the day."

Tips for other campers
"We keep finding new ways to use our wagon... meaning we can leave other items behind. We use it as beach and park chairs, as a high chair for the kids when they are eating, and as a sensory play table. Even though our kids are getting a little older now and won’t need to be strapped into the wagon for much longer, it’s still been incredibly helpful for preventing tired legs and creating a comfortable place to sit when we are on the road, so we’d absolutely recommend it! I also love using it with our grazing table, it's super handy to set up a platter off the ground on top of the wagon and store the cold drinks below. Makes for the perfect setup when on holiday with other families."

Next time you’re planning a camping trip, invest in a Burleigh Wagon to take with you.

If you are already a BWagon owner, share with us your top tips and tricks via email for your chance to be featured in our next blog.