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Burleigh Wagon


    • Length: 42.9 inches (109cm)
    • Width: 22.4 inches (57cm)
    • Height: 22 inches (56cm)


    • 44 lbs (20kg) *varies with accessories included

*Please Note: When measuring your car's trunk based on the wagon's measurements provided above, keep in mind that the wagon may need to be loaded into the boot at a slight angle. This means that the above measurements may not be 100% accurate when determining if the wagon will fit in your car's boot. We recommend taking this into consideration during the measurement process to ensure a proper fit.

CLICK HERE to see some example cars that the Burleigh Wagon will fit in. 

Box Size & Weight:

    • Length: 41.7 inches (106cm)
    • Width: 24 inches (61cm)
    • Height: 18.8 inches (48cm)
    • 55 lbs (25kg) (varies with accessories included)

Age Recommendation:

    • Suitable for children aged 6+ months

Safety Features:

    • Equipped with 3-point safety harnesses, providing secure seating for passengers
    • Four safety harnesses included, two on each side of the wagon

Weight Capacity:

    • Total weight capacity: 330 lbs (150kg)
    • Passenger capacity: 44 lbs (20kg) per seat
    • Accommodates up to 4 children

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