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How It All Started

Seven years ago, my husband and I made the move from Southern California to the beautiful Gold Coast, Australia, with our two young daughters. We were drawn to the vibrant lifestyle offered by the Gold Coast, with its stunning beaches, bustling markets, and picturesque parks. However, like many families with young children, we faced challenges when it came to venturing out and exploring the sights. Our kids didn't enjoy riding in their stroller, they became restless on longer outings, and we needed a solution that could accommodate our gear.



In our quest to find a suitable outdoor adventure companion for our family, we researched and tested various prams, strollers, and wagons available on the market. Unfortunately, none of them met our expectations. That's when we realized that we should take matters into our own hands and create something better.

Working closely with an engineer here in Australia, we set out to design a stroller/wagon hybrid with unique features specifically tailored to make outings with kids less stressful and more enjoyable.


Hard Work Pays Off

After months of dedication and hard work, we officially launched our patented wagon in September 2019, right here in Australia. The response was overwhelming, and our wagon quickly caught the attention of local and statewide media.

Watch Us On Burleigh Wagon

Explore the press releases below, showcasing the buzz around the Burleigh Wagon.

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