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Based on 1131 reviews
Burleigh Wagon
Tori Anne Sieger

I absolutely LOVE this wagon! The accessories are amazing! I’ve bought 2 this far! Hands down the most amazing gift ever!

Love this wagon! So cool and efficient, only downside I have is that it’s pretty heavy so not gonna be the most fun to load in and out of the car.

Burleigh Wagon
Marlo Jordan

My daughter is OBSESSED! It’s currently raining where we live and she has insisted we bring it inside so she can play with her dolls on it.

Burleigh Wagon
Dayna Ramkeesoon
Great product!

We love our Burleigh Wagon! Assembly was straightforward and done in no time at all. Great quality and sturdy materials! Our son absolutely loves being pulled around in his wagon.

missing pins

I received my wagon and when installing I was missing pins. They immediately sent out extra pins for me.

Replacement Part - Rod Set
Steve Fitzsimmons
Great customer service

Wagon was missing the handle rod when originally shipped. Customer service promptly responded within minutes and shipped a replacement free of charge.

I like it but I think it’s a bit expensive for what it is.

Burleigh Wagon
Camila Santos

Burleigh Wagon

Burleigh Wagon
Amelia Gonzalez

Purchased for my son and DIL, they absolutely love it! Easy to put together, the boys are very comfortable and the love it also. Umbrella covers the entire wagon, great purchase.

Burleigh Wagon
Joshua Rayburn

Love this thing. Wanted it as soon as we saw it and it did not disappoint. As much a gift for us as it is for our little man. Very happy with the purchase and many adventures in it to come.

Burleigh Wagon
Vera Tallarico
Burleigh wagon

We absolutely love our wagon. It’s made trips even in our complex to the pool so much easier and our little girl and puppy love riding in it! We’ve gotten stopped so many times from other people asking where we got it from and how great it is.

FREE Accessories Bundle ($199 RRP)

The bundle of accessories (umbrella, side rails, speaker & snack tray) really completed our wagon. Everything worked together to make our trip to the beach go so smoothly.

We had everything we needed to enjoy our time at the beach. Everything! In just one organized trip! Everything & everyone had a place.

Burleigh Wagon
olivia Hasler

lots if room.
the only thing that would make it better is if the padded chair inserts where in stock and available for little guy.

Burleigh Wagon
Jessica Bennett
Love it!

I am obsessed with this wagon. Aesthetically, i love it, functionally, I love it. The kids love it. Absolutely perfect for a stroll to the beach when you need to tote kids, towels, snacks, water bottles, toys, hats, sunscreen and the list goes on.

Burleigh Wagon
Richelle Franklin
Best purchase for the beach

Cannot wait to use our new wagon every day with our 3 kids. Moving to the beach will be so easy with our Burleigh wagon

Burleigh Wagon
Deeanne Wand
Blown away by the Burleigh Wagon!!!

This wagon has positively changed the way our family tackles the beach , park visits and theme park visits. The amount of insulated storage is amazing for our family of four and both our boths 11 and 2 love riding and resting in the wagon. My husband was blown away by how easy it is to use and how functional it is. He even likes having a sneaky sit down and rest in the wagon as well. Can't recommend enough!

Burleigh Wagon
Tricia Gassman
We love it

This wagon is awesome. It was easy to assemble
It’s easy to use and the grandkids think they are just it

Burleigh Wagon
Kyara Vinales
Love love love our wagon! Worth the price.

My husband and I recently moved to a beach town in Florida with our two little kiddos: 7 months old and 2.5 yrs. We go to the beach often, but with kids it can be a tremendous hassle to lug everything. I was looking for the perfect beach wagon and once I found the Burleigh, I was in love. It’s a parents’ and kids’ dream! There truly is no other wagon on the market of this design and quality. It is a serious wagon, with some weight to it, but honestly works so well. We’ve used it on both soft sand and flatter sand. There’s some work involved but we’d be working WAY harder without it. Highly recommend!

Great service - great quality product

Burleigh Wagon

This wagon has to be the best thing I have ever bought - even more so now with 2 kids, it comes on every beach trip and has had its first camping trip and it definitely got a work out 🤣. We will forever love our wagon


My family and I absolutely love our Burleigh wagon! I can’t say enough good things about it. We even had fun putting it together (Thanks Nathan for the step by step video)! Fantastic customer service as well. They really care about their customers, it’s refreshing. We highly recommend Burleigh Wagon.

Burleigh Wagon
Kwai Steinohrt
The new way to stroll

We absolutely love our wagon for our twins. It’s easier to use, the storage is perfect (no more bags of diapers, clothes, esky etc) and it’s so much fun.

You had me at cooler

I’ve been obsessing over this for months before finally purchasing it. I’m obsessed! My daughter loves it, my family love the (beer) coolers. It moves easily. It did well at the corn maze and I’m excited to see how it does at the rodeos next year and wherever else it’ll go!

Burleigh Wagon
Maria Gonzalez
Best investment for my active family!

We just love this wagon. It’s been a game changer for walks and beach trips! We have had so many families ask us where we got it from but it’s just that awesome. Thank you 😊

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