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More About Us

 Thank you so much for joining the Burleigh Wagon family! Whether you've been following us for a while or you've only recently discovered our wagon, we're really glad to have you here :)
My husband and I moved to the Gold Coast, Australia from Southern California 6 years ago with our 2 young daughters. 

 We found the Gold Coast offered us the sort of lifestyle we could embrace, from the beautiful beaches to the variety of markets and parks. However, we found that like many families with young children, getting out of the house and seeing the sites could be a challenge. Our kids didn't like riding in their stroller, got restless on longer days out, and we as parents needed a device that could carry more gear. We looked into purchasing something for our family that was better-suited for outdoor adventures, but our search fell short. After testing and researching different types of prams, strollers, and wagons that were currently available on the market, we decided we should create something better! 
We worked closely with an engineer here in Australia to create a stroller/wagon hybrid that had unique features to make days out with kids less stressful and more fun.
We officially launched our US patented wagon here in Australia in September of 2019. It quickly attracted local and state-wide media attention. 

See some of the exciting press releases about Burleigh Wagon below.




Following our successful launch in 2019, we have since helped 1000's of Australian families enjoy their outings like never before!
Click HERE to read customer reviews about Burleigh Wagon
We can't wait to soon be a loved part of your family in the US for many years to come. Make sure to follow us on socials to be updated when we go live for pre-order very soon!

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