Life with kids is all about adventure. With the beach weather behind us, it can be a little harder to convince ourselves to leave the blankets at the door and get out of the house, but when the world is your oyster, you need to explore!

The possibilities for exploration around the Gold Coast are endless. White beaches, grassy parklands, lush rainforests and even theme parks are calling your name. There’s no limit to the number of places you can explore with your little ones, and with the Burleigh Wagon, year-round adventure is easy!

While there are dozens of places that you can take your little ones to explore, we have a few family favourites that we’d like to share with you. Keep reading to check out some of our favourite places to explore with our kids during winter!

  • Mountview Alpaca Farm 
  • There really aren’t many places cooler than the Mountview Alpaca Farm. Think wine, good food, plenty of free space and cute Alpacas. What more could you ever want?

    Nestled in the O’Reilly’s Canungra Valley Vineyards, this farm is an absolute must-visit if you love animals. Offering shopping and dining opportunities, as well as the option to get up close and personal with the Alpacas, you and your kids will love spending time here. Connected to O’Reilly’s vineyard, you will have the opportunity to buy your favourite drop of wine while the little ones explore the area, then pop it open and enjoy a picnic with your Burleigh Wagon Picnicware on the grassy area outside. To complete the day and protect your kids from the sun, pack your umbrella and some lunch in the built-in esky to enjoy an afternoon in the sun!

  • Local Theme Parks 
  • If you have a pass to one of the many theme parks around the Gold Coast, winter is one of the best times to use it. Fewer people, shorter queue lines and cooler weather means you can get more bang for your buck, and with the Burleigh Wagon in tow, you can enjoy it even more. 

    Rather than getting tired legs, hungry tummies and parched throats, your Burleigh Wagon can really come in handy! When your little ones get tired feet or legs, pop them in the wagon for a while. Use it as a bench seat while waiting for rides, and stash water and snacks in the under-seat storage for when the time inevitably comes.

    Rather than carrying around our bags, hats and snacks, we personally love being able to put everything in the wagon, and still have room for our girls to take a break when they get tired. Between shopping, eating, rides and shows you can easily spend hours at a theme park, so bringing your wagon with you next time you go will be a life saver!

  • Southbank Parklands
  • We’re all pretty familiar with the Southbank Parklands, but when was the last time you actually visited? Next time you’re thinking of loading up the kids and getting out of the house for a few hours, pack your Burleigh Wagon into the boot with you and take it for a spin up in Brisbane.

    While it may not be warm enough right to go for a dip in the lagoon, there’s no end to the number of alternative activities that you can do at Southbank. Walk along the riverside and let little legs rest inside the wagon, pack the Burleigh Wagon Picnicware to enjoy a picnic in the park, or empty out the storage space and hit up the Collective Markets for a few hours on the weekend!

    If you plan on spending more than a few hours up there, take along your umbrella and cushion seats.You can store them alongside the wagon in the surfboard holders when they’re not being used, then set it up and let your children nap in the shade.

  • Local Campgrounds
  • We’ve found that most people don’t think about taking the wagon on camping trips and off-road adventures, but it’s actually made to help!

    South-East Queensland is spoilt for choice when it comes to hidden spots for adventure, with plenty of camping spots, rockpools and rainforest retreats smattered from north of Brisbane to the Tweed Coast. While camping with newborns and toddlers isn’t always easy, visiting a campground for the day, weekend or for a week-long trip is a great chance to get out of the house and get back to nature. If you’re a Burleigh Wagon owner, it’s also a great opportunity to take your wagon out and really test how much it can do.

    Depending on your camping activity, there’s a range of ways that the wagon can help. If you choose to head to rock pools or a nearby creek, you can pack your swim nappies, spare clothes and towels in the under-seat storage. Those who are after a bushwalk can throw some snacks and water in the esky, but if you just want to relax by the fire or near your kids, you can take a seat on the wagon and breathe.

    Worried about mud, dirt and grime? The Burleigh Wagon is made for all-terrain. A little mud won’t hurt it at all!

  • Broadwater Parklands 
  • Between grassy expanses, walking tracks, the bouncy pillow and playground equipment, there’s no end to the other activities that you can do at the Broadwater Parklands.

    If you’re local to the Gold Coast you’re almost certainly fairly familiar with the area, but in case you haven’t visited the Broadwater lately, it’s time to go back with your wagon.

    Kick a ball, have a picnic or fly a kite in the grassy stretch up the northern end of the Broadwater, or sit and relax on your wagon while your kids bounce and play on the play equipment. There are plenty of walking areas to tire out little legs, but don’t worry if they run out of energy. The wagon holds over 150 kilograms, so they can hop on and ride in style.

  • Australia Zoo 
  • If you and your kids are animal lovers, Australia Zoo is the place to go. Just two hours up north, visiting this famous wildlife park is well worth it for kids and adults. There are dozens of animals and plenty of shows and exhibitions to keep little and bit kids entertained all morning. Think the famous Crocodile Show, a special Tortoise Demonstration and Bird of Prey show, as well as the extra opportunities to walk the Tigers in the morning or visit the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital!

    Covering over 110 acres, bringing your Burleigh Wagon to the zoo is well worth it. Approved for use within the park, little legs can enjoy all of the sights and sounds of the wildlife park from the comfort of a shaded wagon, with the flexibility to stop for a snack or water at any time. Picnics are also permitted within Australia Zoo, so when you’re packing for a day out at the park, make sure you include your Burleigh Wagon Picnicware as well. There is plenty of room for food in the under-seat storage, and you can fill one section with ice to use as an esky for drinks, too!

    Holding over 150 kilograms, when adult legs get tired, you can rest on the wagon too. No more lugging around chairs, bags and snack eskys - With the Burleigh Wagon, you can do it all.