Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive. We hope this blog helps to clarify some of your burning questions. 

1. Are You Designed Just For The Beach?

No, our stroller wagon is designed for indoor and outdoor/ all-terrain use. Our tyres are heavy duty & durable and will allow you to adventure off the beaten path.

Our custom steering allows for push & pull use & helps you manoeuvre over curbs, over bumpy terrain, and perform well across a variety of surfaces. 

2. Why Are You More Expensive Compared To Other Wagons?

Other wagons on the market are designed to transport gear 𝐧𝐨𝐭 𝐜𝐡𝐢𝐥𝐝𝐫𝐞𝐧. In February 2019, the ACC in Australia changed their mandatory standards for safety. Wagons that transport children must meet certain standards of safety if marketed to families for such use.

We provide a custom Australian designed wagon that is safe and built to outlast your average strollers lifespan. We also offer innovative design features to genuinely enhance the quality of your outings with children.

3. Which Space Is The Esky?

The esky is built-in under the larger children’s seat. It can hold up to 2 bottles of wine for reference, as well as many snacks & other drink/food options.

If additional storage is required you can use the “foot space” as a second compartment while kids ride in bench mode. We also have boot storage at the rear.

4. Can Only 2 Kids Ride In The Wagon?

We fit up to 4 children (with only 2 being able to use safety restraints at a time). If additional safety belts are needed to accommodate more than 2 children being strapped, you can purchase them HERE.

5. Do You Only Ship In Australia?

Currently yes. Our box weight and size with accessories is quite large and costly to ship in Australia, but even more costly overseas. The USA will be the next country we will expand to, you can click HERE to register your interest and be updated on our progress.  

If you would like to purchase a Burleigh Wagon NOW, we do offer international shipping from here in Australia. However, international shipping rates are quite high at present (typically over $1,000 AUD to ship to North America). You can check your exact shipping rate by entering your postal address on our checkout page.

6. Can I Use NDIS Funding To Buy My Wagon?

Yes you can. We have had lots of Aussie families thus far successfully purchase their Burleigh Wagon using their child's NDIS funding. With that being said, you need to check with your LAC, OT, specialist, or plan manager before purchasing upfront to determine the wagons eligibility based on your child’s individual needs. Click HERE to learn more.

7. Are You Made From Recycled Materials?

The wagon itself is fully recyclable ♻️  The materials used need to be virgin, food-grade LDPE/HDPE to comply with safety standards as a children’s product. It also allows for the snack tray to be safely eaten from. In addition, we recycle all scrap materials at our factory so that there is minimal to no waste.

8. Why Does The Wagon Not Fold Down?

If the wagon folded we could not allow for our robust 150 kilo weight limit nor allow for hollow storage space underneath. If we folded, all the gear inside wagon would need to be removed for transport.

As a parent, I personally dislike having lots of gear, sand, and spillage from snacks all over my boot after a long day out. Our innovative design keeps all gear/food neat in its place for easy clean up once home. Also, loading in the car is as simple as lifting in or out and off you go!

9. Are Any New Wagon Colours Coming?

Yes, we are working on a new colour!  We think this colour will sell super fast, as its been highly requested. Be sure to follow us on socials to see some sneaky hints of what it could be.

With a new colour coming very soon, this means we need to make room in our warehouse. So some of your fave colours may be in jeopardy of not remaining apart of our collection. If you love our Coral, Sunshine, or Luna Lavender wagon...grab one of these wagon colours ASAP before they are potentially gone for good!

Don't see your question answered? Simply send us an email or reach out to us on socials. We would love to help!