The idea of fishing out the picnic blanket, stocking the picnic basket with yummy food and wrangling the kids for a day out at the park can seem like a daunting task for any parent. While people all over the Gold Coast (and Australia), love a good picnic, coming up with creative, kid-friendly picnic ideas for Autumn can seem intimidating.

Not when you’ve got a Burleigh Wagon!

Whether your kids are toddlers or moving into the teenage category, combining food, family time and fun is always a recipe for success. If you’ve been wanting to get out of the house more this Autumn, we’ve compiled a list of 5 creative, kid-friendly picnic ideas to help get your picnic weekends off the ground. From Mexican-themed picnics to nights under the stars, we think you’ll love these creative picnic ideas!

1. Create A Themed Picnic 

There is nothing kids love more than dressing up and getting creative. Next time you’re planning to pack your Burleigh Wagon for a picnic, why not choose a foreign culture and theme the day around it?


Start by choosing your theme. Opt for a Japanese theme with sushi and chopsticks, a Mexican twist with sombreros and nachos, or indulge in the classic party pies and sausage rolls for a true Aussie day out.

Your stroller wagon comes complete with under-seat storage space. Simply store any warm food underneath your seats, or fill it with ice and use it as an esky for drinks. Once all of your food is stored, fold the seats down on top and let your little ones climb on board! Don’t forget to add a Burleigh Wagon shade umbrella and picnic accessories for the perfect themed picnic afternoon.

2. Have a Board Game Afternoon 

Who ever said that board games had to be confined to dining tables and living room floors? Dust off the board games from the cupboard, pack them into your Burleigh Wagon and head down to your local park for an afternoon of outdoor board game fun.


If you’re worried about fitting everything into your stroller wagon, don’t worry, it’s simple. If you’re a card game family, you can easily throw the cards into the rear storage compartment and pack all of your picnic food into the under-seat storage. If you prefer board games, pop your food into the storage compartments and place the board games on top with your little ones!

The Burleigh Wagon will also double as a table or a seat, so once your picnic food is all done, just pop the empty containers back into the compartment and play away on top!

3. Go Stargazing 

The weather may be cooling down, but with a couple of pillows and blankets, an evening picnic will be perfect.


If you haven’t picnicked at twilight before, there’s a few things you will need to bring with you. Be sure to bring a picnic mat (such as our Adventure Play Mat), some blankets to wrap around yourself, a torch, bug spray, and of course, plenty of food.

In regards to food, keep it simple. Pre-cook spring rolls, a pizza or sausages and salad, then stash it all in the bottom of your Burleigh Wagon and head down to your local park. Of course, you can’t forget the lollies, chips and various other snack foods that are essential for any good picnic. Why not make up some lolly bags and hide them in the rear storage for later?

Once you’ve all eaten your fair share, break out the blankets and go stargazing. If you pick a spot far enough away from main roads (such as a local park or near the beach), you should be able to see the stars glittering in the sky! Google constellations to point out or invent your own.

4. Have a Post-Hike Picnic 

Let’s be honest, one of the worst things about going hiking is having hungry and tired kids who want to be carried. When you’re tired and hungry and the last thing you want to do is lug a heavy toddler as well. Fitted with all-terrain polyurethane tyres, your Burleigh Wagon is set and ready to come with you on your next adventure. Fit it with our Cushion Seats (found here), and then little legs will have a comfortable spot to rest along the way!


You don’t want to make a post-hike picnic too complicated, so when you’re packing the car in the morning, be prepared. Throw the snacks, water and coffee thermos into the under-seat storage compartment, then put sunscreen, band aids, bandages and a phone charger into the rear compartment.

5. Host a Backyard Picnic 

Sometimes there’s nothing beats a backyard picnic. If you don’t have transport to a suitable park or beach, whipping out the picnic gear and setting up a creative picnic in your backyard is still a good option. After all, it’s simple, close to home, and convenient!


Although you may be tempted to duck inside for a phone call, to clean up or to let your kids play, try and bring everything outside with you as if you were having a real picnic. Pack up all of the snacks into takeaway containers, prepare the junk food, pop any soft drink into your Burleigh Wagon and wheel the wagon and the kids outside for an afternoon in the back (or front) yard. Play card games, board games, or just let the little ones nap under the Burleigh Wagon umbrella while you read a book. Don’t have a Burleigh Wagon yet? Why not get one and then start your adventure!